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Affinity Groups

Join an affinity group for Black women administrators that provides an authentic and trusted community for growth


Bring the true realities of your daily work to a community of peers who have similar backgrounds and lived experiences in their school settings. 

Over the course of seven sessions, you will: 

  • Share your challenges, needs and growth goals with a small group

  • Co-create a plan for the group's processes and shared goals

  • Examine how your vision and beliefs align with the work world

  • Think aloud without editing

  • Find a place to laugh at the world we’re living in 

  • Rest your brain and tune into your other senses.

Each session will run for 90 minutes, except the first which runs for 2 hours. The group will first meet in-person in Denver to create a sense of connection and shared goals; subsequent meetings will take place in person and online, based on participants' preferences. 

Limited to 7 participants.

Fee: $70

Facilitator: Vivian Elliott

All sessions run on Tuesdays from 7:30 - 9:00 a.m. except the first which is until 9:30 a.m. Dates are:

  • Sept. 10

  • Sept. 24 

  • Oct. 8

  • Oct. 29

  • Nov. 12

  • Jan. 14

  • Feb. 11

Interested in creating a new affinity group around a different need for the 2025-26 school year? Reach out to us.

"I was strengthened in my equity leadership knowledge and confidence with Vivian’s mentoring. She helped me to use the power of my own equity experiences to reach my staff in new ways and to help them explore and grow on their own equity journey. This led to the launch of an Equity Cohort, monthly professional development trainings and a much richer and more robust examination of our own biases. Our students and community definitely benefited from her coaching. I would highly recommend her to any person, team or organization looking to expand their thinking."—2023-24 coaching mentee

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