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Hi Howard

Continuous Improvement through the

Baldridge Systems Approach

If your district, school or classroom is struggling to move the needle with its student learning results, these customized experiences will be valuable to you.  As a participant you will learn the Baldridge Systems Approach and apply its continuous improvement frameworks to strengthen the structures, processes and mindsets that are leading to stagnant results. This approach is used by thousands of leaders around the globe, both inside and outside of education, to continuously improve performance and generate better outcomes for their stakeholders and customers.

Nettie Sulzman provides coaching and facilitation in this approach.  Please contact Hi Howard if your school or district is interested in arranging a customized coaching or facilitation experience with Nettie.  He and Nettie will design one that meets your learning interests and needs.  You can also discuss with him the fees associated with these experiences.

“The Design Thinking experience has been a game changer in how I will look to solving problems and creating for everything in the future.”


- Whitney Allen