Instructional Coaches’, Specialists’ & Coordinators’ Lounge
Professional Peer Support and Idea Exchange

The teachers’ lounge offers a place for teachers to take a deep breath, refuel and have meaningful interactions with peers. Now, you can find the same respite and support in our virtual Coaches’, Specialists’ & Coordinators’ Lounge. 

Our lounge enables you to connect, exchange ideas and work through current challenges during 30-minute, drop-in sessions several times each month. School staff who spend time exchanging ideas with peers from other districts report a greater sense of clarity and confidence in their work. They also feel relieved when they learn others face issues similar to their own.
Access the virtual lounge FOR FREE as often as you want from the comfort of your office, home or car.


"Looking at a problem of practice and getting feedback and questions empowers me to do better work!" 


Jen Kellison, 27J

"I love getting the chance to brainstorm and problem-solve together in the Lounge. I always get such great ideas!" 


Melissa Fike, 27J