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Becoming an Even Better Leader

If you’re looking to connect with colleagues for drop-in learning experiences focused on education leadership skills:

If you want short-term relationships with education leader colleagues in communities of practice:

If you want short-term relationships with education leader colleagues in communities of practice:

If you’re looking to work with our team of experienced thought partners and coaches to deepen your education leadership skills and engage in long-term, supported problem-solving:

Practical Leadership

Why Participate: Learn simple, easy-to-implement practical leadership practices from colleagues that you can use immediately. 


Our drop-in, gatherings begin with a five-minute presentation from an educator who has successfully implemented a practical leadership practice. The group then engages in facilitated Q&A and dialogue with the presenter and breakout discussions about how to apply it within their own organizations.


Inspired Leadership

Why Participate: Gain new leadership insights and inspiration from colleagues and Front Range BOCES team members. 


Educators seeking inspiration and innovation gather to discuss compelling leadership topics with their colleagues from across Metro Denver. A facilitator will present a topic of their choice and some thought-provoking content to explore it. Participants will then share their reflections and wisdom related to the topic in both unstructured and structured conversations.


Instructional Community of Practice

Why Participate: Learn and share with colleagues systems change practices that help to remove district roadblocks, improve learning and support progress.


Navigating Conflict and Change

Why Participate: to learn from the FR BOCES team processes and protocols for facilitating others and yourself through conflict and change. 


Equity Consultancies

Why Participate: Engage in meaningful, cross-district discussion around equity-related problems of practice and learn from others’ experience.


In each session, a district-level equity leader presents a problem of practice with which they are grappling. In a fishbowl format, peers offer insights, reflections and resources while others listen in. The full group then reflects on and makes meaning from the conversation.


All participants are required to join the first meeting of the year in which participants get to know each other, develop norms and processes and select the first presenter. 


Focus: Equity Practice Dialogue

Format: Virtual
Length: 40 minutes
Frequency: Monthly



Why use our consulting services: if you need hands-on support that identifies and connects you to resources, practices and people with solutions to your education and leadership needs.


Our consulting team can support you in multiple ways - from basic research and investigation to advising and technical assistance on a wide range of issues. Engaging our team saves you time and energy and significantly expands your bandwidth.


You set the scope and timeline of the work we do with you.


Emergenetics Support

Why use our Emergenetics supports: if you want to create more positive, productive working relationships among team members that will boost their performance. 


Our team of Emergenetics Coaches and Associates will help you and your team to learn the Emergenetics language and use its many tools to: appreciate cognitive diversity and diverse perspectives; increase self-awareness and understanding of individual strengths; and enhance communication. 


We collaboratively determine the types of supports that best meet your needs.


Meeting Design and Facilitation

Why use our meeting design and facilitation services: if you want creative, collaborative input on a team meeting’s content and the chance to participate in rather than lead it.


Our team partners with you as much as you like the entire way - from identifying the meeting’s purpose and outcomes to the specific protocols and activities that help to achieve them. We can facilitate the whole meeting or just a part of it.


We seek your feedback while designing and facilitating the meeting to ensure we’re meeting your goals. 



Why have a coach: if you’re seeking long-term, impartial support as you deepen your leadership confidence and clarity.


Coaching offers you a deep dive into your own leadership. and school improvement. Your coach will: help you clarify your values and priorities; guide you through self-discovery/re-discovery; support you through change; and hold you accountable.


You determine the topics and frequency of coaching conversations.


Thought Partnership

Why have a thought partner: if you need ideas or impartial feedback on immediate, short-term challenges or opportunities. 


Thought Partnership gives you real-time access to an experienced, former education leader with a gift for offering insights and ideas on the items that are top of mind. You’ll walk away with timely solutions and clarity to keep moving forward.


You determine the topics and frequency of thought partnership conversations.

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