Inspiring creativity in your instructional practices

The 2020-21 school year brought with it many challenges, but also a chance to try out new approaches – and many of us have been pleasantly surprised at the results. As education teams have developed comfort with testing new ways of learning, we now have a perfect opportunity to push ourselves even further. 

If you and your staff feel stuck after applying practices that feel outdated, now’s the time to shift and prepare students with the essential skills they need. There’s a world of inspiration out there, and Front Range BOCES can help connect you to it. EdVentures allows teachers, principals and leaders a chance to be students again as they explore workplaces and community organizations that push the boundaries of innovation and creativity.

Front Range BOCES designs the experience in partnership with your team from beginning to end. We listen deeply to ensure that you interact with companies and organizations whose practices and culture can inspire micro-shifts in instructional practices that align with your team’s goals. We will also support your team with additional facilitation and thought partnership to support teams as they make micro-practice shifts in their classrooms.


Noah Geisel is your EdVentures facilitator. Coming from a place of deep commitment to curiosity, passionate pursuit, and service leadership, Noah helps participants throw self-imposed limitations out the window. He has a reputation for suggesting what he calls “the weirdest things” when brainstorming with education leaders. Those off-the-wall ideas draw people into conversation and create an atmosphere of true collaboration, understanding and support. 

This was an opportunity to get outside of the classroom and see for ourselves what is actually going on in workplaces in our community. Our educators were seeing their content standards come to life in the real world. This is so critical for teachers to understand and make connections for students in how their learning is relevant and meaningful.


Becky Dancer, Clear Creek School District