Listening to Your Students & Families

We are ready this semester to listen to your students and parents regarding their online and hybrid learning experiences - what's working, what's not and why. 

With that understanding you'll more easily determine which structures and processes to capitalize on, improve, or abandon.


For more information, read the flyer below or here. Student and Family Listening Supports are FREE!

"I am grateful for the opportunity to hear our students' stories to help us improve our processes for them. Without their voices and stories, what we thought we needed to change, may not have been useful for them." 

Trina Norris Buck, 27J Schools

"This listening tour allowed us to get outside perspective on an area that our team was stuck with. They dug into our problem and came back with the data from parent interviews. I really appreciated the opportunity to have an outside perspective on how we can best approach this struggle. We are SUPER grateful for the time that you spent!"

Fabricio Velez, 27J Schools