Solve Team Challenges with an Emergenetics Lens

In-person sessions (virtual option available)

We all work with a variety of people who bring different perspectives and approaches to their jobs. While most of us value those differences, in practice they can create misunderstandings and gridlock within teams. However, teams that have a process for supporting and applying each individual’s contributions can break through those barriers. 


Our facilitators will bring the powerful tools of Emergenetics to bear on virtually any challenge that you and your team are facing. Examples are broken and ineffective data team processes, compliance-oriented leadership team meetings and lack of staff buy-in to your vision.  


Emergenetics is a simple, powerful tool that enables you to better know yourself and to understand the thinking and behaviors of others. Built on robust psychometric research, it will help you and your team:


  • Create a common language that fosters trust and buy-in

  • Develop a collaborative atmosphere 

  • Communicate more inclusively

  • Become a more positive and effective unit working together to solve problems and produce meaningful results.

Our facilitators are Kelly Corbett and Patty Hanrahan who are Emergenetics Advanced Associates, Resident Specialists and Implementation Coaches. They can support you with facilitated team conversations, process observation and/or one-on-one coaching. You decide.


Our fee is $50/hr.


Email or text 720-375-5813 to discuss your needs and interests.

Our admin team is still talking about how powerful the experience was for them personally, but more importantly, how it transformed us as a team. Identifying our individual preferences/strengths along with how through our preferences we can support and complement one another to build an effective team was the transformation!


Susie VanScoyk, Jeffco