Enhancing Team Dynamics

Motivating your team members to think beyond their daily routines to embrace big-picture goals requires a combination of insight and informed mentoring. With a better understanding of what inspires them, you can begin to move mountains together.

We have designed three drop-in workshops that offer you specific tools for deepening and applying your understanding of team dynamics. These tools are based in Emergenetics, which is a powerful framework for helping to better know yourself and leverage the thinking and behaviors of others. You should have a working knowledge of the Emergenetics framework to have a successful experience.

Each drop-in workshop will cover a different topic, so register for the ones in which you are most interested:


  1. Catalyzing goal-oriented action in team members by setting goals that reflect their preferences

  2. Personalizing professional learning for staff and colleagues by understanding their learning needs and preferences​

  3. Moving your team members successfully through change by understanding how they react to and process it differently.


Our workshops are facilitated by Patty Hanrahan and Kelly Corbett who are Emergenetics Advanced Associates, Resident Specialists and Implementation Coaches. They will also be available after workshops to provide up to an hour of complimentary coaching as you implement the tools in your work. 

Workshops are $20 each. Reach out to hi.howard@bvsd.org for scholarships. 

We also provide school and district teams with customized facilitation using Emergenetics. Reach out to hi.howard@bvsd.org to learn more. 

A great takeaway from this course is how you communicate effectively with all types of team members and how to get them to and through the finish line. When you have leaders who understand who their team members are and how to leverage their expertise, really great things happen for kids.

Amanda Skrzypchak, Denver Public Schools