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Equity Consultancies

Our fall '22 Equity Consultancies have already begun and are closed for registration. We encourage you to enroll next year. Registration will be open in late spring or early summer

Why Participate:

Engage in meaningful, cross-district discussion around equity-related problems of practice and learn from others’ experience.

In each session, a district-level equity leader presents a problem of practice with which they are grappling. In a fishbowl format, peers offer insights, reflections and resources while others listen in. The full group then reflects on and makes meaning from the conversation.


All participants are required to join the first meeting of the year in which participants get to know each other, develop norms and select the first presenter. 


Focus: Equity Practice Dialogue

Format: Virtual
Length: 40 minutes
Frequency: Monthly

"I am soooo happy this group is reconvening!"—Lucia Gonzales

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