Human-Centered Design
In-person sessions (virtual option available)

Schools and districts frequently ask us to use our expertise in the Human-Centered Design process to help them better understand what's working and what's not in their stakeholders' experiences and then brainstorm solutions to improve them. Educators have used this dynamic continuous improvement framework in a variety of ways including: creating customized professional learning programming; engaging parents more actively in schools; and strengthening communications and cooperation among district department teams.


Facilitation and support is super affordable and free in special circumstances. Our fee varies based on the number of facilitators we use and the type of support offered. We typically use Hi Howard and Stevan Kalmon as facilitators.


Email or text 720-375-5813 to discuss your needs and interests.

I am truly grateful for your team's Human-Centered Design support. It has sparked thinking, developed insight, and built capacity for students, staff, and administrators in a few short visits. The team is an invaluable resource and thought partner in our transformation and continual improvement efforts.


Garrett Douglas, APS