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Hi Howard

Continuous Improvement through

Design Thinking/Human Centered Design 

In our hallmark learning experiences, you will have the opportunity to draw on your imagination, intuition, and creative reasoning as you continuously improve the experiences of students and adults in classrooms, schools and departments.  Our customized coaching, facilitation and interactive courses strengthen your capacity to engage in the Plan and Do steps of the Plan/Do/Study/Act continuous improvement cycle. Through your participation, you will develop habits of mind and skills that enable you to:

  • effectively understand your stakeholders’ (aka users’) experiences and unmet needs within them

  • brainstorm outside-the-box, meaningful solutions to improve those experiences and meet their needs 

  • quickly make your solutions tangible through prototypes

  • collect user feedback on those prototypes and iterate accordingly

  • implement them through pilots.


Hi Howard facilitates these Design Thinking/Human-Centered Design experiences throughout the year based on district and school requests.  He will work closely with you and your team to design an experience that best meets your learning needs and interests.  Please contact Hi to learn more about these experiences and associated fees.   

“The Design Thinking experience has been a game changer in how I will look to solving problems and creating for everything in the future.”


- Whitney Allen