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Improving Learning Experiences & Results

Our signature Design and Systems Thinking experiences help educators to develop mindsets and learn tools that enable them to significantly and continuously improve adult and student learning experiences, performance and results. In Design Thinking/Human Centered Design, you will learn highly creative and efficient ways to engage in the “Plan and Do” steps of the Plan/Do/Study/Act (PDSA) continuous improvement cycle. In Systems Thinking, you will use the Baldridge Systems Approach to explore and use all steps of the PDSA cycle as well as strategies for building and connecting key components of your district, school and/or classroom systems.  

Our hands-on, highly interactive experiences in these arenas include:


Please visit each learning experience’s web page for more information.

“Working with Front Range BOCES and their Design Thinking experiences has reinvigorated the creative part of my brain and allowed me to maintain the leadership lens I use every day working with schools and building leaders in our district.”


- Daniel Sandoval