Is Coaching and Thought Partnership Right for You?

School and district leaders report that working with a coach or thought partner can help address: 


Time constraints 


While lack of time might cause you to hesitate about adding coaching sessions to your schedule, a coach can actually help you solve some of your time management challenges. Your coach will help you prioritize your work and help you identify areas where processes can be streamlined. 


In addition, you can meet with your coach in person or virtually at times most convenient to you. 


Intention and goal-setting 


Coaching helps you step out of reactive mode and into a strategic mindset. Day-to-day activities often leave you with little time or energy to reflect on the big picture for your school or team. A coach can help you identify your goals for either, and he or she will work with you to set intentions that lead you down a growth path. 


Our coaches work with leaders who are both brand-new and highly experienced leaders. As one participant stated, “We all need coaches.” 




A coach gives you a reliable source for working through unexpected challenges that inevitably arise throughout the school year. Your coach can help you learn to trust your gut instinct or approach challenges with a different perspective. Your relationship with your coach is a no-judgment zone, which allows you to express yourself freely as you search for the right solutions to problems. 




Our coaches have school and district education leadership backgrounds. They have been in your shoes, and they approach coaching with a high degree of empathy. You will be able to lean on your coach during your trying moments, as well as celebrate your wins. You choose a coach who best fits your personal style and needs so you can be you throughout the process. 

Email or text 720-375-5813 to discuss and schedule your first coaching or thought partnership session.

Our monthly thought partnership sessions provide me therapy when I need to vent, productivity when I need to plan, and creativity when I’m stuck.


Renee Nicothodes, Chief of Schools, Elementary, Jeffco Public Schools

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c/o Boulder Valley School District
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