Kelly Corbett

Workshops & Cohorts, Customized Experiences

“I just care about helping people get what they want! Sometimes it requires a push, sometimes a pull and then my favorite combination – pullsh – a little bit of both!”—Kelly Corbett


From experience, Kelly Corbett knows that leadership is lonely and that people need compassion, listening and creative ideation in order to bring their best selves to a leadership role. He guides people through problem-solving and conflict with the understanding that “everyone is right,” but they often need help uncovering clear goals and backing them up with implementation strategies. 



Kelly worked as a School District 27J employee for 37 years. He started his career as a teacher and retired as the district’s Chief Academic Officer. During his time there, he felt pride in the organization’s ability to do more with less due to funding, while always focusing on students.  


He has a passion for helping others learn about themselves. Using his advanced certification in Emergenetics, he uses that tool as a common language for helping people identify their strengths and styles. Supporting teachers, principals and district leaders over the years has helped him become a better listener and coach. He enjoys working with individuals and groups as a non-judgmental partner to support learning. 


In his free time, he loves to travel, create, and enjoys time with family and friends. He also makes his own greeting cards – some of which have an edgy, irreverent flair. 



  • Emergenetics Advanced Certification

  • Volunteer work includes meal delivery for the Eagle View Adult Center and serving on the Platte Valley Medical Center Patient Partnership Council