Kirsten Blake

Workshops & Cohorts, Customized Experiences

“I thrive on helping people shift their stories about themselves, others, and life itself to create new possibilities and results.”—Kïrsten Blake


With a philosophy rooted in co-creation and human-centered design, Kïrsten Blake believes that  facilitation is not about expertise, but embodying a beginner's mindset. She prefers collaboration over competition, and she believes that learners are their own best teachers. She guides participants to connect with their own transformational stories and curiosities to inform their personal and professional growth. 



Kïrsten began her career in education as a social studies teacher in New York and then worked as an educational consultant and program developer for New York City Schools for 10 years. Since that time, she has designed and managed extensive professional development, emotional intelligence, innovation and education design programs for teachers in Boulder Valley, Denver Public Schools, Outward Bound California and more. She programmed, managed, and coordinated Colorado Education Initiative showcases, including Accelerating Innovation, Sparking Curiosity, and Designing the Future. She also coached 15 keynote speakers on crafting compelling stories for the Colorado Healthy Schools Summit and Showcase conference.


When not working, Kïrsten loves to spend time with family and friends – and since many are spread around the world this includes a love for travel, wandering, and exploration. When in Colorado, she enjoys hiking, seeing live music, dancing, visiting museums and local galleries, and trying to keep her plants alive.



  • M.A. in education from Columbia University

  • B.A. from The College of Wooster

  • Certified Narrative Coach

  • Certified Brain-Based Success Coach

  • Search Inside Yourself Certified Teacher

  • Volunteer with StartingBloc, DesignEDU, Urban Peak, Discovery Times Square Foundation, Urban Memory Project