Enhancing Team Dynamics

Motivating your team members to think beyond their daily routines to embrace big-picture goals requires a combination of insight and informed mentoring. With a better understanding of what inspires them, you can begin to move mountains together.

We have designed four drop-in workshops that offer you specific tools for deepening and applying your understanding. These tools are based in Emergenetics, which is a powerful framework for helping educators and administrators know themselves and value/leverage the thinking and behaviors of others. You should have a working knowledge of the framework to have a successful session experience.

Each three-hour, drop-in workshop will cover a different topic, so register for the ones in which you are most interested:

  1. Moving your team successfully through change

  2. Catalyzing goal-oriented action in team members

  3. Achieving initiatives by integrating them into your and your team's everyday work

  4. Personalizing professional learning for staff and colleagues.​


Our workshops are facilitated by Kelly Corbett and Patty Hanrahan who are Emergenetics Advanced Associates, Resident Specialists and Implementation Coaches.  

Workshops are $25 each.

In addition to our workshops, we also provide school and district teams with customized facilitation using Emergenetics.