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Hi Howard

Leadership Implementation Network

As education leaders, we are flooded with learning opportunities and silver-bullets which we do our best to understand and use.  Like most people, however, we struggle to implement the depth and breadth of changes in our practice that the learning suggests we make.  We also find it challenging to conduct this change work alone.


With theses struggles and challenges in mind, FR BOCES is piloting several Leadership Implementation Networks in 2018-19.  Each Network will be convened by one or two education leaders who have:

  • a strong passion and desire to learn more deeply about a topic that relates to a specific aspect of their leadership and a commitment to implement the learning in their practice

  • working relationships with other education leaders with whom they already share their common implementation challenges

  • a willingness to lead a network of learners and implementers.  


FR BOCES will provide the Network Conveners with an array of supports that foster their learning and empower them to support Network members’ implementation of practice shifts. These include:

  • Facilitating highly focused and meaningful Network experiences that support their efforts.  Networks will draw as necessary on different combinations of FR BOCES facilitators’ experience and expertise

  • Making connections to resources and thought partners that the Network identifies as valuable

  • Hosting Instructional Rounds at Network members’ schools

  • Creating and testing new protocols and learning tools

  • Coaching for the Learning Network Convener

  • Handling network logistics and administration.


Network participants will:

  • Gain traction in critical areas of their leadership

  • Experience forward progress on projects that have stalled out

  • Deepen relationships with education leaders across Metro Denver.  


Hi Howard will coordinate the Networks and multiple FR BOCES facilitators will provide support to Network Conveners and Members.  Please contact him if you are interested in being a Network Convener.


There is no fee for Year 1 pilot participants.