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Navigating Conflict and Change

With the challenging and uncertain times ahead, it's more important than ever to be on top of your leadership game. Among other things, it means that:


  1. your confidence is high in addressing conflict and the dynamics of change, navigating difficult conversations, and creating trust and desirable outcomes

  2. your communication and facilitation skills are exemplary

  3. you are creating a culture of inclusion and ownership in your teams.   


Our course is here to help you strengthen your skills and deepen your confidence. As a participant, you will learn and practice new strategies to:


  1. Identify assumptions, beliefs and approaches for dealing with change and conflict

  2. Create and restore relationships that enable you and your team to function at optimal capacity

  3. Establish consensus and agreements that reflect your team members’ best thinking.


This course will consist of learning together, practicing, and applying new tools in your work context. It will also include conversations about the challenges and success you encountered during the application process, helping to deepen your confidence.  

Your facilitator, Susan Sparks, uses a “Community of Practitioner” model and will address participants’ needs and interests as they evolve throughout the course.  Participants draw on their collective experience to inform the discussions within each session.   

"You learn many tools and structures to address conflict that you can put into place immediately. I wish we could continue this cohort and go even deeper. It was so worth the time and energy."

"I have been able to celebrate and capitalize on my strengths as a facilitator because of this cohort. I intentionally use my gifts better than ever."

2019-20 participants