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Office Hours for On The Spot Problem Solving
Via Phone


When you’re too close to a challenge – and feel like you’re spinning your wheels alone – coaching support can pull you back to view the big picture and see your way through it.


Talk with people who get it and who get you. Our experienced, trustworthy thought partners provide quick, real-time thought leadership during Office Hours. They will support you as you:

  • Step away from day-to-day operations to gain a balcony-level view of the problems causing you the most stress

  • Benefit from impartial feedback on challenges

  • Develop new approaches and strategies.


How It Works 

  • Determine which of our thought partners best meets your immediate needs based on their strengths and previous experiences.

  • Sign up for your 20 minute time slots 24 hours in advance.

  • Drop into your thought partner’s virtual office for a confidential conversation in which your coach taps into your own strengths and assets while offering you any or all of these: 

  1. Reflective questions

  2. Blue sky, imaginative ideas

  3. Possible concrete action steps

  4. Reassurance that you’re not crazy.

Thought Partners

  • Patty Hanrahan has deep education career experience at all levels, from teacher through Deputy Superintendent. 

  • Carrie Yantzer spent 30 years in education serving as a teacher, school counselor, principal, and as a director of professional learning and educational consultant.


Email with any questions.