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Community of Practice for Instructional Change


To collectively support each other over the long term in deliberately and systematically addressing the learning needs that persist in your district (e.g., disparate educational outcomes for different student groups).


Why Participate

  1. To gain new insights from peers on ways to remove your district’s roadblocks and make progress.  

  2. To provide and share valuable feedback and moral support with colleagues.

  3. To foster opportunities for exchanging knowledge, experiences and information among peers.

  4. To foster shared ownership and accountability that leads towards action and results within your district - braver, bolder and stronger together.

  5. To build collective vision for change and support effective advocacy for that change with key systems and stakeholders.


Format and Time Commitment 

  1. Community of practice members will participate in a collaborative design process, facilitated by Front Range BOCES, to design the formats and learning structures which best meet members’ needs.

  2. Members will also determine the time commitment. It is expected to be substantial and long-term to enable personal and organizational learning and growth.