Pause + Connect
Virtual and In-Person

Recovering from 18 months of incredible stress and overwhelm (pandemic, racial injustices, political division) has taught us many things – one being that our educators and colleagues are human, not superhuman. We need to treat and nurture them, and ourselves, in healthier and kinder ways.

We’ll help you and your colleagues do this work more intentionally with presence and self-awareness practices. These include: simple settling, personal check-ins, gratitude, awareness of breathing, mindful speaking and listening, body scan and self-compassion.


Our facilitators have worked in multiple districts (27J, Aurora, Adams 12, Cherry Creek) with principals, and a wide variety of district leaders These sessions can take the form of brief openings at existing meetings, one-hour sessions or multi-session workshops, courses, and practice opportunities. Our team customizes everything to meet your needs. 

Our facilitators are Rona Wilensky and Kïrsten Blake:

  • Rona Wilensky was the founding principal of New Vista High School in Boulder Valley School District.  She has been growing educators’ social emotional capacities through presence and self-awareness practices since 2013.

  • Kïrsten Blake is the founder of Chapter BE, has a M.A. in Education from Columbia University, and is also a Certified Narrative Coach, a Certified Brain-Based Success Coach, and a Search Inside Yourself Certified Teacher.

Resurfacing the utter damage of stress and living in a trauma-laden world cements the need for mindfulness work, both personally and for those whom I care about professionally – I am so GRATEFUL to do this work with my team!

2021 Participant in Aurora Public Schools

The practice of mindfulness and self-care is integral to educators performing at their best. We need to make this a focus with a clear plan of implementation to ensure we support educators. I appreciated the strategies to use and the focus on small goal setting as a way to create new habits.


2020 Participant in 27J Schools