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Rounds Re-imagined

A Whole New Way of Learning What's Working in Instruction and Learning

In 2018 and 2019, Front Range BOCES re-imagined Rounds - shifting from observing teachers’ in-class practices to asking students about their learning. Our new approach gathers concrete feedback about student experiences and promotes the development of learner agency. 

Both Rounds participants and hosts gain deep insights regarding teaching practices and  learners. In addition, they build deeper appreciation for students’ enormous capacity to articulate their experiences and needs as learners. In Fall 2019, we conducted three sessions of Rounds Re-imagined:

  • Pine Grove Elementary School (Douglas County SD) - Students discussed the motivations, choices, and mindsets involved in their schooling, helping Pine Grove’s staff learn how they could better promote the transformation of compliant students into eager learners.

  • Cimarron Elementary School (Cherry Creek SD) - Students talked about when/how they’re encouraged to present and support independent thinking, providing Cimarron’s educators with  insights for helping students communicate more skillfully and thoughtfully. 

  • Prairie View Middle School (27J SD) - Students reflected on their experiences with learning targets, notetaking, and formative feedback, helping Prairie View’s teachers to ascertain how well these strategies are working for students. Student leaders sat in as participants presented themes and recommendations drawn from students’ reflections.

Here is what some of our Rounds Re-imagined participants said:

  • “Invaluable perspective from underappreciated stakeholders in education.”

  • “This has opened my mind to how to solicit meaningful and honest feedback from students and what to do with that feedback in a concrete.”

  • “Hearing the voices of students… provided valuable insight to next steps we need to take as a staff.”

  • “Conversations with students offer the best insights to a school.”

Students' Perspective

Educators' Perspective

It’s so powerful to go straight to the source for feedback and discussion on what’s happening in student learning.


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