Stevan Kalmon

Customized Experiences

“I have realized, over time, that developing skills and dispositions matter more for K-12 learners than mastering content.”—Stevan Kalmon


Educators and leaders develop insights over time, and Stevan Kalmon experienced several eye-opening moments throughout his career. For example, he realized in his third year of teaching that the assigned government textbook was information overload, so he adopted an inquiry approach in its place. He uses that approach today in his design-thinking programs. He also discovered in his work with adults that learning in community creates the most impact for learners. He adopts a learner’s perspective when creating customized experiences and coaches by wondering aloud, asking questions and empathizing. 



Stevan worked for 25 years as a classroom teacher. He also served as a statewide educational technology consultant for CDE and information literacy coordinator for Denver Public Schools. He has developed learning design and implementation programs for Front Range BOCES for the past five years. 


When not working, Stevan ponders how homo sapiens can figure out how to sustain healthful relationships with the rest of mankind and the Earth home that we share. He has enjoyed a love-hate relationship with golf for 25 years, and he also plays volleyball. He has played slow-pitch softball for 45 years and has managed teams for 25 of those. 



  • BA, Northwestern University

  • JD, University of California, Berkeley

  • Master's in Instructional Design & Technology, Colorado University, Denver

  • California and Colorado Teacher Credentials

  • Senior Educational Technology Consultant, Colorado Department of Education

  • Director of 21st Century Learning - Denver Public Schools

  • Former director (12 years), Council on 21st Century Learning