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Hi Howard

Student-Educator Movie Screenings and Conversations

During the 2018-19 school year, Front Range BOCES is hosting movie screenings and conversations among students and educators who want to explore and grapple with education's purposes and practices.  Please join us if you are eager to:


  • Change education for the better but feel challenged in knowing how to shift student learning experiences to be more engaging, relevant, and authentic

  • Think with students about how to make these shifts

  • Connect with other educators who think like you and who are hungry to explore inventive approaches to learning.


Students, take a break from your homework. Educators, take a break from your planning. Join us for a chance to re-imagine learning!


The Challenge

There is a need for more student voice in shaping and informing their own education .

experiences. In addition, there are often struggles associated with experimenting with new

and inventive learning approaches. As a result, we often get stuck in more conventional ways

of learning and hinder our students’ potential.


Hosting a Screening and Conversation

Front Range BOCES is working with select Metro Denver middle and high schools that are interested in hosting these screenings and conversations among their students, faculty and broader community.  If your school is interested, please contact Hi Howard to learn more.


“Getting all the voices heard gives us a way to collect thoughts and ideas from everyone who matters to the school!”


Participant in May 2018 movie screening