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Leading for Work-Life Balance

Be a Part of the 2019-20 Pilot!

We received requests multiple times in 2018-19 from leaders to give them time during meetings to pause from the craziness of their work, reflect on their values and priorities, and engage with each other, human to human. People refer to this “pause” as work-life balance or self-care or mindfulness. Regardless of what you call it, Front Range BOCES is hearing loud and clear that education leaders want more of it!


During 2019-20, we will partner with leaders like you who are interested in leading for work-life balance and self-care (WLBSC). Our first strategy will be showing up before and after regularly scheduled school or district meetings that you already attend.  We’ll offer short, small group sessions in which you learn and practice simple strategies for WLBSC. You can also explore easy ways to model WLBSC with colleagues that feels authentic and reflects your personal comfort levels.


Our second strategy is offering more in-depth workshops and coaching. Workshops will prepare and build your confidence to lead a staff culture change regarding WLBSC. Coaching sessions will guide you through your own personal practice of WLBSC, providing you time to discuss struggles and successes with a professional who can assist you in forming new habits and increasing your mindfulness.


If you are interested in learning more and participating in these pilots either let us know here or contact Hi Howard at 720-375-5813 or There is no fee during the pilot year.


Rona Wilensky, Kirsten Blake, Lisa Phillips and Claire Phillips are your pilot facilitators.

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