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Customized Support for Creating an Ideal School 

Why Use Customized Support:

Expand your capacity to strategically plan and implement changes for improved school experiences.

Front Range BOCES facilitates planning and design processes that help education leaders imagine and implement a more ideal school experience. We customize our approach based on each school’s or district’s identified needs. We build on the momentum and progress already achieved. 


We support school and district leaders with:


  • Identifying promising practices emerging in their school or in other districts

  • Navigating district policies and unforeseen barriers

  • Decision-making protocols 

  • Continuous improvement processes

  • Professional learning strategies 



  • Customized implementation playbook with simple, usable frameworks

  • Strategies for building trust with stakeholders

  • Accountability prompts from a trusted advisor who keeps leaders anchored in their vision


Ready to make meaningful changes in your school with the support of a trusted, long-term partner and advisor? Email Hi Howard to start the conversation. 

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