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Podcast Clubs

Provoke new thinking as you discuss podcasts with your peers on either Leadership and Growth Mindset or Student Voice and Equity


Our facilitators will engage you and other Podcast Club members in short and meaningful protocols designed to quickly elicit meaningful sharing and dialogue. Through the discussion, you will: 

  • Gain additional insights on the podcast topics

  • Challenge your thinking and leadership

  • Connect with other leaders with similar growth goals

  • Stay connected to your values and personal motivations

  • Gain new ideas for more effectively engaging with learners

  • Offer and receive food for thought as you grow in your leadership

Each strand will comprise three, 30-minute online sessions. It's okay to participate even if you can't attend all three.


No cost to attend.


Mindsets Strand: Amy Atwell and Kïrsten Blake

Student Voice and Equity Strand: Tracy Stegall and Stevan Kalmon

"I feel like [Front Range BOCES] meetings help me recenter my values and core beliefs. You take those nuggets and it fills your bucket…Everybody always has a really global perspective on the topic that we’re speaking about and with really personal experiences that help us walk away with something that we can use.”"—Jennifer Minor, 27J School District

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